The Galaxy Awaits!

What a trip...

So it was time for Nos to get some money the old fashion way. The not so legal way. He had gotten word of a few people in need of a good smuggler so he went for the job and was given too big black crates. As usual no names and no peeking. Nos thought it was be easier to keep them by the loading door rather than cart them al the way to the hold. He didn’t expect to have any company on this trip. Fifteen thousand credits awaited him on Nar Shadda. He had a rocky start with his ship, but was quickly in space and in hyperspace. When Nos came out, he was picked up on the radar of a few New Republic ships. “This is a routine hold check we must do before you land on the planet. Prepare to be boarded.” A voice on his com system said. Oh crap! Damn, just before I actually got the money to pay off my ship, Nos thought. There was no way he could fight them. There was a frigate and two heavy fighters. If he ran, he was likely to get the hell blasted out of him. Nos didn’t think he could bribe or deceive them in any way. The only thing he could thin of what to turn around and run for it. And he did! The other fighters lined up trying to get behind him to take a shot, but Nos was in hyperspace long before a shot could be fired. There was no time to set a course. Nos just pressed a few buttons and hoped for the best smuggler’s luck. When Nos came out of Hyperspace his ship was nose first in a swamp. “Damn!” he shouted. Looks like none of the ship was damaged and Nos hadn’t been hurt in the crash, but his ship was half entrenched in a swamp. He hoped the cargo was undamaged. Thankfully the computer in his ship still worked and he needed to see how far of course he had gone. He was surprised he had mad it all the way out to Yavin! “Damn,” said Nos, “Hope there might be some people nearby.” Nos existed out the top of the ship and looked around. Lots of swamp. Totally like something out of a bad dream. Thankfully, this accident had not been as bad as it could have been. Nos could see a few robed figures nearby. “Hey, he shouted, “A little help please.” The three robed figures came closer and looked at the ship in amazement. “Damn,” they said, “What were you drinking?” Nos gave a few laughs and dropped from the ship and came up to them. “Look I’m in a hurry,” he began, “ I’ll pay whatever you want-” he was interrupted by another one of the three. “No, no worries. This will just take a sec.” The robes figure lifted his arms up and the ship moved up out of the swamp and on a leveled surface. Nos was utterly dumbfounded. “How did you do that?” he asked. The figures looked at him and smiled. “You want to get on your ship and leave,” the figure said as he looked Nos deep in the eye and waved his hand in front of the smuggler ever so slowly. “I want to get in my ship and leave.” Said Nos seeming as if he was in a trance. He got in hi ship and left, still in the trance. When he came too out of the trance he was right outside the Nar Shadda system and had only remembered escaping the boarding fleet, but nothing else. He put on his scanners and immediately, they picked up three ships dead ahead. The boarding party was looking for him. Nos though if he flee fast enough under them, they wouldn’t be able to see him and hopefully not pick him up on their scanners. He went for it, but one of the fighters broke off and chased after him. Thinking fast, Nos knew all he had to do was make it to the planet and they would be off his back due to Republic regulations. Nos sped up as the fighter got in line to take a shot. The fighter took a shot, barely putting any brown on the ship as it mostly deflected off. “Missed me!” shouted Nos in triumph. He made it to the planet and the fighter broke off to regroup with the others. Nos was overjoyed. After he got his money, he would have enough to pay off his debt for his ship. Soon he would be a free man. Hopefully he could get the money to the Crime Lord Baroness Trae before she decided to put a bounty on his head!



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