The Galaxy Awaits!

Free Souvenirs

"Friggin backwater planets..."

Cade walked into the clay hut. Even though it was a total backwater planet, this hut had the smell of a bar. The very stench tickled his nose hairs. There was no melody music, no technology and no bouncer-like figure in sight. Well, he had time to kill, so he thought he would get a drink. He looked like a three foot tall squirrel just like the rest of the hut’s inhabitance. “Beer.” declared Cade. The three foot bartender looked at him and raised and eyebrow. “Pewta Pewta?” it asked. “Beer.” Cade stated even louder. Some of the others in the bar gave him a glare. “Pewta Pewta?” The bartender asked. Cade pointed to one of drinks and then made a drinking motion with his hands. The bartender raised and had an made a motion with his fingers every could recognize. Money first. Cade slapped a handful of credits on the counter. The bartender looked at the and shook his head, then pointed to these copper coin looking things some of the other drinkers had. Cade gave a huff and began to walk outside. “Damn backwater planets.” he said to himself under his breath. Meanwhile, Nos was outside the hut when Cade walked outside saying insults and slurs. “What’s up with you?” he asked Cade. “Stupid friggin backwater planets. Once the group comes back I want to get off this rock and never come back.” he stated in a mean tone. Nos slide against the wall listening to his friend’s anger. Nos felt a tug on his shirt. When he looked down, there was one of those three foot tall squirrels raising it’s fists at Nos. It began shaking them. It wanted to fight. Nos shook his head. No. The squirrel looked back at him and glared as if it was just insulted. It drew claws from its hands and stood at Nos wanting to fight. Nos got his hands ready to draw his blaster, when he realized if he drew it and killed the little guy, others would hear and tear him to pieces. He was going to have to fight this guy hand to hand. Nos moved his head in the direction away from the huts. The little guy made a face in what looked to be a smile and showed rows a spiked teeth. “Keep an eye on him,” Nos said to Cade,” Make sure he doesn’t try anything or run off with some of my gear.” They got about twenty feet from the huts and Nos took his stance. The little guy got ready to strike at Nos. Cade to a look at the creature with it’s claws. I sure hope Nos knows the guy has teeth and claws, he thought. It finally came to Nos. He realized what he was fighting, and what he had, that the other didn’t. Nos made motions with his hands and clapped his fist together and held them down in open palms. The squirrel examined his hands and nodded his head while retracting it’s claws. It pointed to it’s teeth and shook it’s head. The creatures teeth disappeared beneath it’s fur. The two got ready and began. Nos got a fist ready and retracted it passed his face ready to strike, but the little guy rose a few feet from the ground and slammed its fist right into it’s opponent’s face. Nos fell to the ground and was out cold. The creature looked surprised that he went down so quickly. It ran up to him and began slapping his face. When Nos came to, the little thing walked him to the clay hut bar and sat him across from him. “Pewta Pewta!” It shouted in celebration and tossed a few bronze coins to the bartender. Nos was in a world of hurt as he could feel a black eye forming. Cade walked up to the doorway to keep an eye on his friend. Nos was still coming to when a gourd shaped mug was placed in front of him. “Oh,” Nos began, “ Black eye and a free drink. I think I’ve had my fair share of souvenirs.” He took a drink and examined the taste. Dirt and syrup. Well apparently the others thought of it as a delicacy. He drank it in one gulp and the little guy bought him another. Nos tunred to Cade who was clearly in the doorway. “Hey man you should buy a glass of this, it’s great!” he declared. Cade gave a huff and began to talk under his breath again.



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