The Galaxy Awaits!

A cyborg named Mac...

Fur Ball kept trying to get the blue out of his fur. He had been put in jail twice now and both times he had ended up with blue fur. Nos got a com transmission from someone who apparently knew his name. This pleased him very much. It was an invitation to meet the employers and discuss future business. They made their way to Nar Shadda and were greeted by three very tall pale and bald trench coat wearing humanoid…things with red eyes. Nos, Cade, and Fur Ball all left the ship to go and discuss the mission. “What would you like transported?” asked Nos. One of the figures held out a little holo card with a picture of what appeared to be an identical copy of the figures in front of them, only wearing sunglasses. There were also files on the card that was passed to Cade. “This is the target,” said the figure, “ A military grade cyborg. We want him alive, untainted, undamaged, and in perfect condition. The reward is ten thousand, each.” Without thinking Nos said, “We’ll take it.” The figure nodded and said, “The card also has his last known location and place to meet when you have him, we will be keeping track of your progress. Don‘t go running off or we will hunt you down.” The crew got aboard the ship and took off. While in hyperspace, they planned their mission. “Are you ready to test those blasters we got from the storm trooper corpses, Cade?” asked Nos. Cade took out and rubbed on of the blasters, “Oh yeah!” he replied. Fur Ball uploaded the data card and learned some disturbing news. “Hey guys,” he began, “Remember how we need to get this guy undamaged an untainted? Well to make matters worse his last known location was a world were weapons are outlawed!” Cade’s jaw dropped and Nos cried in his head because he wouldn’t be able to try out the new blaster he had gotten. Cade used the com system to try and get a hold of a contact hopefully for some tips, but had no luck. Then Nos remembered how many new allies he was making doing smuggling runs so he gave one of his employers a ring. The guy’s name was Larry. “Hey, here’s a com system I haven’t heard from in a while. What’s up, you need a job?” Nos was overjoyed to hear another person remembered him. “Hey man,” he began, “I was actually calling for some advice. How do I get a military grade cyborg to come with me from a planet where weapons are outlawed.” There was a lout burst of static coming from the com as Larry screamed, “Oh shit! Why are you going after a military cyborg?” Nos replied, “Yeah, job says I got to bring him alive and undamaged.” Fur Ball and Cade began to argue about ways to get the guy onboard the ship. “Well you did the right thing by calling me and not just going after him on your own.” said Larry. “Look,” he began, “Your best bet is to trick him. Military cyborgs aren’t to smart. Think of a computer with one function and how to get around that one function.” Fur Ball entered the conversation . “What is the little black box on the back of his neck?” he asked after examining the holo card a little more. “Don’t mess with that!” shouted Larry. “It could be disastrous.” Nos checked his map and learned he was about to come out of hyperspace. “Thanks for the help Larry,” he said. “Anytime,” Larry replied. There was no docking fee, so Nos though a quick trip to a bar while they learned some information. Fur Ball went up to a com system inside one the cities hoping to get some more information on the guy. The only words they got on this guy was “MAC.” Fur Ball tried several different things on the search system on the guy but nothing was helpful other than a bar by the same name. “I might go to the hospital and learn more about what kind of cybernetics we are up against,” declared Fur Ball. “Good idea,” said Cade, “We’ll go to the bar and check it out.” Nos screamed with joy. “Yeah! Drinks!” The bar was a pretty quiet place. Everything was really nice compared to the average bar and everything was really clean. “Hi,” said Cade, “How about a drink?” The bartender slid one to Cade. “How much?” asked Cade. The Bartender gave a light smile. “Things are slow today, on the house.” Cade smiled. “Thanks, how about a little information?” The bar tendered looked more serious. “What kind on info?” Cade showed him the holo card. “Seen him before?” he asked. The bartender examined the picture and his eyes went wide. “Holy crap!,” he began, “ That guy came in here and ordered the strongest drink and gulped in no problem and just walked out. The drink should have damn near killed him! He hang out at the Bantha Tracks three story club not far from here.” Nos looked at the drinks and had to fuel his desire. “I need something strong!” he said. The bartender slid him a fizzing clear beverage. Grab. Gulp. Thud. Nos fell hard on the table unable to hold his alcohol. “Damn it Nos!” shouted Cade and the Bartender dragged Nos out front. Cade thought this would be the best time to pick Nos up using the foce without him noticing. With a very unsuccessful try, Cade ended up flinging Nos into the street. Giving a long sigh, he knew he had to drag his ass back to the ship and wait for him to wake up. Fur Ball hadn’t gotten much information from the hospital. They could really only tell him about getting cybernetic implants. He did learn that the box on the back of the cyborg was a meter for system performance and could be used to pump steroids and other chemicals in the body for combat. Learning this, he made his way back to the ship to tell the others. Once thay had all gotten back together and Nos had sobered up enough. They headed out to the club, hoping to find the guy and then plan out how they were going to get him. Outside the club was a very big burly humanoid for a bouncer. “Are you on the guest list?” it asked. Nos turned and prepared to walk away. Fur Ball grabbed him on the shoulder, “You of all people should know how to get into clubs.” he said. Fur Ball approached the bouncer and asked, “How much?” The thing replied, “One hundred credits each.” They all forked over the money and they were let inside. The place was booming full of life. Three floors of drinks, dancing girls, and enough scum to make Mos Eisly look pleasant. The three began to look around. Fur Ball looked around the first floor but had no luck. Nos got up to the second floor but had no luck either. Cade went up to the third floor and looked around. The place was dark and pretty lifeless, except for someone in the corner of the room, wearing familiar looking sunglasses. Cade turned around hoping to no look suspicious and used his com to get a hold of Nos. “I found him. Third floor.” Nos replied back, “Fur Ball and I are on our way.” Cade hung up and was greeted by the guy. “Well by the way you looked at me and keep looking like your trying to blend in, I’d think you were looking for me. What do you want?” Now the time limit began. “You Mac?” asked Cade as the others arrived to his side. “Who wants to know?” he asked. Fur Ball stepped forward, “Can I buy you another drink?” The guy pointed to a full drink on the table. “ I’m good.” he said. “You want to come with us?” asked Nos. “Why would I want to do that?” the figure asked. “People are looking for you.” declared Fur Ball. “Really now?” The figure took his sunglass off to show a pair of red eyes similar to the employers. “I know what you are up to,” he said, “They sent you to get me. Well I’m staying right here.” Fur Ball took a step closer and not even a second passed and the figure pulled out a rifle so big and pretty it could make and hunter drool. “I’m not going back there to them.” Fur Ball turned his head looking for a way out of this. The man shot at Fur Ball’s feet, putting a hole in the ground the side of a pillow. “Next time, it will be you.” he said. Nos, Cade and Fur ball all backed off and went back down stairs. The three had to think quickly. They sat at the second floor bar while they thought of their strategy. Nos sat close to the stairs so he would be the first to see if the guy leaves. “Well we cant leave the bar and go or the guys will kill us!” said Nos. Fur Ball thought of the first idea. “Maybe I can offer to fix his guns. Then I can deactivate them making it easier to get a hold of him.” Cade shook his head. “No that won’t work! Do you think he would really hand over his guns? Plus I think his guns are just fine as you can see.” Fur Ball thought of another idea. “We could put a bounty on him and tell him we can get him out of him.” Not only was this idea dangerous, it would be horrible if a bounty hunter came to them and they didn’t have the money… Cade came forth with a brilliant idea. “This guy is a military cyber. What could he possible have going for him?” Nos spoke freely. “If your thinking about hiring a Twi’lek to get him to come with us, forget it!” Cade slapped his hand on his face. “No you fool!” he began “I’ll tell him we are going to a really nice world and we’ll see if that will work. What else does he have going on for him here?” Cade walked back up the stairs. “You’re back.” declared the guy. “You coming to surrender or just look at my sweet ass?” Cade spoke. “Look, we’re going to forget about getting you to come with us to claim our money. Looks like we need to have some fun before your friends hunt us down. Want to come with us to a nice place?” The man looked somewhat interested. “Sounds like fun. Where?” Cade said, “Just a nice place…where guns aren’t outlawed.” The figure looked somewhat pleased with this information. “Where are you docked?” Cade said, “Docking bay 90.” The figure lifted his drink and gulped it one second. “I will be there in one hour.” The crew made it to their ship and waited for the guy. He showed up looking exactly like the others they had met on Nar Shadaa. “Are you going to let me in or am I going to have to blow a hole in the ship?” Nos let him in. “Next stop: Paradise!” The figure’s eyes turned green. “Where are your weapons?” the figure asked. Cade showed him their weapons were put away in a drawer. “You should really keep your weapons on you.” The figure didn’t stop with the questions. “What were they paying you for me?” Nos was honest, “Ten thousand.” The figure laughed a little. “That’s nothing.” Fur Ball was curious. “What did they want you for anyway?” he asked. “I stole some weapons and artifacts. Want to see some?” the guy asked as his eyes got greener. “No thanks.” Nos said. Their guest made his home in the captain’s room. There he stayed for the whole journey. When they made it to Nar Shadaa, Nos headed for the location he was told to go. There were hundreds of those guys that all looked the same. All in trench coats. Fur Ball went out to greet the employers and their friends. The second he stepped outside. All of them pointed exotic looking guns at him ready to fire. Fur Ball got out of the way. Then their guest said their business was concluded and he walked out the door, only to be cut to ribbons from all the gun fire from the others. The shots had destroyed the ship’s loading pad. Nos sat in his ship in total shock at all the gun fire. Now he would have to fix his ship. One of the figures, the one who employed them met Nos outside. “Here is your money. We will compensate for the damage to your ship.”



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